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  • Web apps made easy

    We develop software applications using standards that can be used by standard people.

    Our software and apps are:

    • usable,
    • robust,
    • scalable and
    • platform neutral.

    In a single (although compound) word: no-nonsensical.

  • Open Code policy

    All our developments follow an Open Code policy, although they are not necessarily free. We make sure that our clients are never locked-in because:

    • We follow industry standards.
    • Our code is profusely documented.
    • We implement strict coding guidelines.
    • We do not use third parties proprietary software.
    • We offer support to other contractors.
  • Social responsibility

    In No-nonsense Labs we are concious of the privilege that means to leave and work in the so called Fisrt World so we have decided to dedicate 5% of our gross revenue to support humanitarian initiatives. It may not sound like much but just imagine a world where from the biggest to the smallest of the companies and corporations dedicate just a mere 5% of their income to education, health, humanitarian relief...

    • We all can make a change
    • Just start now!

Server side development in PHP 5 and nodeJS empowered by Symfony, Composer, Express, ...

Client side development in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript empowered by Bootstrap, JQuery, ...

Mobile devices development for any device with PhoneGap and Cordova: HTML5 ready.

Get in touch

If you have any question or suggestion, please, drop us a line and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Contact info
Telephone : +34 915 199 751
Address : Arturo Baldasano 16
Madrid 28043